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Like V.T. my house had reached the point of no return, that is, I wasn't going to be able to sort it without professional help. I was on the verge of seeing if Kim and Aggie were available. However, my Sister found the Aberdeen Clutter Buster website and we contacted Lisa and Denise. They lived up to the ethos as stated on their website, in that they treated me and my possessions with care, dignity and respect and, whilst on site, worked non-stop. I feel that they really earned their money, they have turned my flat back into a home. Lisa & Denise thank you so much.


Hi Denise

Thank you again for helping me declutter my House. Your expertise and work ethic are to be applauded. I need to keep up the good work. Yourself and Lisa have inspired me. I am still working on my husband to go through boxes!


I don't know how high up the list of cluttered up homes I appeared in the eyes of Denise and Lisa. Personally I think I was well ahead of anyone else. I would like the record to show how much I appreciate the hard work done by both ladies, and their consideration of my feelings during a painful couple of days.

It is no easy matter letting go of the past and I couldn't have succeeded without their help. The transformation is nothing short of amazing, but it is the result of hard work not by me. How they managed so much in so short a time I haven't figured out, but if I do the rest of the house will be a doddle.

Aberdeen Clutterbusters have my complete and unreserved endorsement.

David Cameron, Burghead

I called Aberdeen Clutterbusters not knowing what to expect but I shouldn't have worried. Denise and Lisa came to see my flat as we were advised to declutter before it would sell. They cleared and took away all the things we didn't need and restyled the room so the photographer and decorator could come in. It only took two days and the difference was unbelievable. They were so professional in the way they did the job that I have been telling everyone who would listen.

C M, Central Aberdeen

Aberdeen Clutter Busters re-organised our 3 bedrooms and two walk-in cupboards and hallway in our new flat, we were able to settle in really quickly. They did it all in one day, I still don't know how they managed it but they did. Denise and Lisa were really kind to me when I needed help so much so that they are coming back to do my kitchen.

J M, Woodend, Aberdeen

Clutterbusters came in to help when I was beyond the point of helping myself. They were professional but friendly and didn't leave until the final part was finished. All the rubbish was taken away or given to charity - who knew it was possible to have so much stuff you dont need?? I'd highly reccomend Clutterbusters for their completely professional, non judgemental attitude and sheer hard work. Delighted with the outcome, thank you ladies!

V.T. , Aberdeen

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